Thanks to inclement weather and Lockdown 3.0 this maybe the
final sailing we see on Injebreck this season

Write-up by Jerry Colman

Sunday morning brought an early taste of Spring to the fleet of 10 dinghies on West Baldwin reservoir in a moderate and almost warm Southerly breeze. This was quite a contrast to the last round of the Watling Streetworks Winter Series, held in a northerly blast with slivers of ice around the boats.

The start line works well with a Southerly so that everyone on the line at the gun has a good shot at winning clear air up the first beat, to no. 1 mark. Employing the ‘trigger’ technique accelerates the boat off the line at the gun and Ffinlo Wright (Aero 9) got it exactly right at the first start and was never headed thereafter. The breeze was a little stiffer nearer the left-hand end of the line and those of us starting towards the pin gained over those who started nearer the West bank. The header we encountered a little way in asked the question – how far into the header to sail before you tack? A little way further than first knock meant you could cross the fleet on port tack as they all approached on starboard. There were a few shouts nonetheless. A lot of thinking to do so early on a Sunday morning as well as the effort required to wrestle the boats upwind through the gusts, lulls and shifts. Follow this link for the full write-up – Watling Streetworks Winter Series – 21 February 2021