Jerry Colman chasing down Peter Cope

Write-up by Jerry Colman

The third and fourth races of the January Watling Streetworks Injebreck dinghy races took place on Sunday with a brisk and gusty westerly breeze and brightening conditions as the sun rose over the southern spurs of Carraghan and Slieau Ree. 12 boats from four of the Island’s sailing clubs hit the start line at 1000, all hoping for a shift or a gust in their favour that was denied to all the rest. With the wind blowing across the reservoir there was a good deal of reaching (with the wind blowing across the boat’s heading). This is the fastest point of sailing where the boats can accelerate rapidly up to planing speeds, lifting the bows out of the water and sending plumes of spray to port and starboard as the crews hang on towards the stern to avoid nose-diving. Click here for the full report – Watling Streetworks Winter Series – 9 January 2022