Series winner Dave Batchelor leading the fleet round the mark

Write up by Jerry Colman

A light to non-existent generally southerly zephyr seasoned with a little ice cold drizzle greeted the slightly reduced fleet of 10 dinghies at Injebreck on Sunday morning for the last two races of the November Series. The battle to find a little more breeze than the rest was engaged from the start together with the need to avoid the rather extensive wind holes spread around the lake like invisible bunkers on a golf course. Your correspondent in Finn GBR 87 proved especially useful to the rest of the fleet by sailing straight into most of them so they could all see where not to go. Unlike last week the light conditions did not wind up much for the second race but fortunately at least the rain stopped allowing for some great photography from the shore and the patrol boat. Click here for the full report – Watling Streetworks Winter Series – 26 November 2023