Frostbite Regatta with the Tera’s leading the fleet

A forecast of rain, 25 knot Westerlies, gusting to 40 knots and increasing did not encourage a huge fleet to make the early start at Injebreck on Christmas Eve but eight boats launched to face the weather and work out how the shifts and gusts could be employed to their advantage while staying in control of the boat. With the wind coming over the hill from the west the gusts tended to lift boats going upwind on starboard tack (i.e. let them point more towards the west and so more directly at the windward mark). If you’re strong and nimble then you might be able to turn the boat through the gust while keeping upright and fully powered up in the increased wind by sitting out hard, gaining boat-lengths on the more conservative sailors who ease the sails in the gusts to avoid taking a dip. Click here for the full write-up – Watling Streetworks Winter Series – Dec 24, 26 and 31 2023