The MS&CC’s January Series at Injebreck continued on Sunday in brilliant sunshine again but this time with a cold and gusty Northerly wind that proved very challenging for all the competitors. The usual gathering at the gate expressed serious doubts as to whether it was fit to go as we observed the black line gusts coursing down the lake albeit with more gentle periods in between. The forecast said it was due to increase and Ronaldsway was already reporting gusts over 20 knots. Sound effects from the trees added to the concerns and it looked like a cancellation was in the offing until Peter and Max Cope pitched up and took the cover off the Laser 2000. A slight increase in the durations of the lulls between gusts together with mutterings from the older attendees about the conditions we used to sail in up here saw a fleet of 6 dinghies set sail heading up the lake towards the start line. Your correspondent had of course prepared the Finn for the fray but was interrupted by Yogi Quayle on the patrol boat requesting a crew who could enter the water if necessary so Colman reluctantly obliged after tying the Finn back down again in the now increasingly fierce gusts. Full report on this link – Watling Streetworks Winter Series – 14 January 2024