Andrew Dean leading the fleet

A drop in temperature, ice on the boat covers and a forecast of moderate Easterlies did not prevent a strong fleet of 13 boats from turning up to complete the February Series. Those with some experience at Injebreck knew that Carraghan and the other hills around the lake would split the wind, bounce it back where it came from and spin it in a continuing effort to prevent dinghies from sailing around any course the Officer Of the Day, Keith Poole, might choose. The spectacular view of the lake down from the Beinn-y-Phott road showed gusts wandering around the water in all directions and the initial sail from the dinghy park up to the start area confirmed that the Easterly effect was in full flow.  An initial gust from the South quickly turning East then coming quite strongly from the West before completing the boxing of the compass with a firm Northerly on the start line. So Keith set a starboard course up to mark 6 at the top of the lake then round 5, 2 and back to the start so a clockwise circumnavigation for a change. Click this link for the full report – Watling Streetworks Winter Series – 25 February 2024