RTI Race Report 2013

IOMA Diamond Jubilee Round the Island Race 2013

Sunday 5th May


The IOMA Round the Island Yacht Race run annually by the Manx Sailing and Cruising Club in Ramsey was started at 0730 on Sunday 5th May, with classes for IRC rated racing yachts, PY rated cruising yachts and multihulls. A splendid array of trophies was available to be won, the most prestigious being the Coronation Cup for cruising yachts, first awarded in 1953, making this the Diamond Jubilee event, and the Ramsey Town Trophy dating from just a little later, for the racing yachts in the IRC handicap division.


After the gales and snowstorms of recent memory it was not surprising that entries were a little down but 13 yachts including 2 big fast multihulls made the start line in Ramsey with entries from Whitehaven, Glasson, Liverpool and Dublin as well as the Isle of Man. The sponsor put on a great BBQ on the Saturday evening for all competitors, assisted by the provision of a veritable mountain of steak provided by W.E. Teare’s the butchers. Thanks are also due to the local businesses who helped by taking ads in the programme.


The guns were fired from the South Stone Pier, Ramsey on time (mostly) by the battery party of long time competitors Geoff and Peter Hinds assisted by sponsor’s representative Phil Scales and the fleets set off downwind in around 20 knots of wind from the South West and crisp early morning sunshine.


William Chiswell’s spectacular Prima 38 ‘Diva’ from Liverpool led the fleet round the Point of Ayre with the rest of the IRC division, made up of the three Sigma 33’s, Jerry Colman’s Sea-Pie, Kuba Szymanski’s Polished Manx and Grant Kinsman’s Pippa 4 from Dublin, already slipping behind this powerful and hard-driven yacht (she had broached quite heavily off the Shellags a couple of times already). Previous winners Penny Diamond (Copland 28, R. Broadhead) from Glasson led the PY division at the Point with the local First Class 8 Albert Penguin (lovingly and effectively prepared by her owning HECK syndicate : Hardisty Edwards Cowell Kneale) rapidly closing having started with the faster boats 15 minutes later. The multihulls which started last flew up to the Point but thereafter conditions were not so favourable for them.


Once round the Point the reality of the situation became clear. We faced a 35 mile beat dead upwind into a brisk 20 knot breeze which soon increased to 25 with a nasty short steep seastate causing a few of the smaller boats to pull out, quite honourably given the rising wave heights. The wind settled at around 22 knots for much of the beat and considerable gains were made by some yachts, particularly Albert Penguin, Diva and Sea-Pie, by locating favourable tidal flows and slightly calmer water inshore.   Everyone got a serious drenching and by the time we reached the tide race at the Chickens we knew we had been in a fight.


After a brisk reach across Port St Mary Bay it was through Langness then kites up again for the run to Maughold in rather chilly, misty conditions. Ramsey Bay produced a final challenge with gale force gusts coming down off Maughold Head just ready to catch you out in the last reach in before the finish.


All yachts finished before midnight (there was chilli and beer to revive us at the club) with most finishing in daylight. The first in was Diva followed by Albert Penguin, who showed what a well sailed light racer can do in difficult conditions, then Sea-Pie who was concerned to stay between the finish and the other two Sigmas at all times.


At the prizegiving on Monday, Albert Penguin were awarded the Coronation Cup and the overall Golden Jubilee Trophy (based on the new PY system) while Sea-Pie took the Ramsey Town Trophy by just over 2 minutes on corrected time from Diva. That’s close for a 12 hour race.  Full results below and a host of pictures soon on the website. Thanks to the support teams for the fantastic food, the boat taxi service and the race organisation, to the sponsors for their generous support and of course to the competitors for keeping this grand old event going.  For the full results please follow these links 2013 RTI Entries2013 RTI Class Results2013 RTI Overall Results2013 RTI Prizewinners.

Jerry Colman

MS & CC Cruiser Captain