RTI Race Results 2011

IOMA 56th Round The Island Race

Only nine competitors started, with seven completing a testing rounding of the Island.

Forecast strong Easterlies were mainly to blame for the low turnout. In these conditions, Ramsey Bay offers no shelter any yachts who miss entrance into the harbour at high water, and many skippers were unwilling to take the risk and discomfort of anchoring or lying on a mooring buoy on a lee shore.

The race was held in sunny conditions, but with fresh Easterly winds, which increased to gale force over the south of the Island. Several competitors assessed conditions on the day, and decided not to start, and two competitors retired into Peel during the race.

Conditions of the South West coast of the Island were challenging. Jerry Colman (Sea Pie of Cultra) reported 46kn coming off the land at Dalby, when under two reefs and a #3 jib, having blown out a spinnaker off Peel. At Port Erin Sea Pie saw 42kn. Both winds and the seas eased on the East coast to a “lumpy” beat of 20kn breeze.

The overall winner this year on handicap – by 17 minutes – was Chablis, despite being the last boat to finish. Congratulations go to her skipper Ian Sharples and crew for this performance in difficult conditions.  Line honours were taken by Sea Pie of Cultra who also claimed second overall. Honey of Bosham was third.

Once again, the Race Committee would like to express our thanks to our sponsors, IOMA Fund and Investment Management, all of the competitors and our many helpers.

Divisional Results

Division Start Time Name of Yacht Make Sail Number Time Correction Finish Elapsed Corrected Place Club Squadron
Division 2 Class A 10:15:00 PY
Sea Pie of Cultra Sigma 33 K4254 929 21:12:13 10:57:13 11:47:27 1 MS&CC 5.77
Honey of Bosham Sigma 33 5294 929 21:28:21 11:13:21 12:04:49 2 WSBA 2.76
Milly Brown Contessa 32 CO425 992 23:18:37 13:03:37 13:09:56 3 MYA 1.0
Division 2 Class B 10:00:00 PY
Sparkle Hunter F1 8048Y 1009 RTD GSC
Penny Diamond Copland 28 Red Dragon 1046 22:42:50 12:42:50 12:09:17 1 GSC 1.0
Division 2 Class B 10:00:00 PY
Meniscus (BK) Hunter Channel 32 GBR5657T 1064 22:59:40 12:59:40 12:12:46 2 WSBA 2.76
Jetwind Colvic Victor 34 29 1072 23:24:17 13:24:17 12:30:16 3 GSC 1.0
Chablis (BK) Hunter Horizon 30 4 1187 23:39:39 13:39:39 11:30:31 1 GSC 5.77
Division 3 10:15:00 PY
Rice Pudding Dragonfly 92061 820 RTD

Overall Results

Name of Yacht Owner PY Overall Elapsed Corrected Place
Chablis (BK) I Sharples 1187 13:39:39 11:30:31 1
Sea Pie of Cultra J Colman 929 10:57:13 11:47:27 2
Honey of Bosham L Clark 929 11:13:21 12:04:49 3
Penny Diamond J Broadhead 1046 12:42:50 12:09:17 4
Meniscus (BK) M Elloy 1064 12:59:40 12:12:46 5
Jetwind D Holmes 1072 13:24:17 12:30:16 6
Milly Brown M Hillman 992 13:03:37 13:09:56 7


These pictures of Sea Pie of Cultra navigating the Point of Ayre were taken by Gavin Honeyman.  High waves occur to the north of the Point of Ayre and around the Calf of Man, caused by tide races. The Point of Ayre is a popular place to watch the race.